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The two most accepted mist applications are the misting line and the misting fan. The mist line is comprised of a series of misting nozzles in-line with one-another. This creates a curtain of mist which will cool the air. However a mist line relies on nature’s movement of air to cool the surrounding areas. A mist line is usually installed around a perimeter of a building or in an open (non-covered area). Mist lines will produce an ambient temperature drop of about 5-10 degrees. Mist lines work well in dry climates; they however are not as effective in humid climates.

A Misting Fan utilizes “flash evaporative cooling”. By introducing a mist system into the front of a fan you are moving the mist (flash evaporation) over a larger more direct area, The air movement generated by the fan creates a wind chill which will lower temperatures by as much as 25 degrees.  When trying to cool a humid environment the mist fan is much more effective than a mist line. HydroMist™ specializes in the manufacturing of portable and mounted misting fans.